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The Only Way To Success In 2017 Is To Know Yourself
Yoga For Healthy Living

Welcome To The Whole New World Of Yoga And Live A Fantastic Life

Why There is a Need for Yoga

When God Created the World he filled it with air and water which are the most essential’s for any life. If we could use and understand the value of these two things there would be no disease on this earth and Yoga and Pranayama teaches us how to use these effectively. Our Forefathers and Yogis have done this and they could lead a healthy and long life, but today man has been running madly for Money and Power and completely lost control over the emotions and has become so week that even a small word can hurt him and break him. Relations are broken in a single day. Lot of new Disease have emerged which were not even heard in the past and now its high time for us to go back and Experience the Internal Bliss so as to relieve us from all the Diseases both Physically and Mentally. This can be achieved only through the Yoga.

What Does Yoga Do

In yoga there are lot of Asana and there is also a Set of Pranayama, Today in this hectic life it is not possible to do all the Asana but we can definitely spare time for Pranayama. By Doing Pranayama Our Body is relieved from stress. The amount of Oxygen required for the Body comes from Pranayama and all the Cells are recharged we feel active and healthy throughout the day. A good Night Sleep is also experienced. All the Disease can be treated permanently by Doing Pranayama.


Why we don’t do Yoga

We all Know that there are lot of Benefits with Yoga and Pranayama still most of the people avoid doing it because they are completely Exhausted from within and don’t have the power to perform any task regularly. Technology should also take the blame for this. This has made man so lazy that any physical activity has become a nightmare.

How Can We regain the exhausted POWER?

There is one way to get back the exhausted power just connected yourself daily with the Supreme Soul (GOD) and you will definitely get recharged.

What are the Different Pranayama

There are about 8 pranayama even if we could do 2 of the pranayama (Anulom Vilom and Kapalabhati) daily for 10m we can get rid of all the diseases and experience the Ultimate Bliss and get Control over the Emotions.

To Get the Most of the Pranayamas check out this video







The Power Of Thought Will Creates And Destroy A Person

Experience The Power Of Thought

In the recent times we have experienced telepathy that is the power of mind. It has been experimented by scientists when a person’s mind who is in Japan is plugged with electrodes and is connected to machines to check the frequency and another person who is in Mumbai is also connected with electrodes to a machine .When we asked to think about the person in Japan and India they both showed similar patterns in the machine which means Power Of Thought of person can reach anywhere the power of thought travels to that person and the impressions of that person are felt by us.

These are are deep rooted belief systems



When a mother thinks about a child that he will cry now and then within one second the child cries, how does the mother know that the child will cry. It is because of the Power Of Thought made by the mother.

So the point here is whenever we think we have to think before we think. Now as we are living in the world where there is lot of pain and hate, hurt  and we think of any person then automatically whatever the feelings and vibrations are experienced by that person at that particular time have an impressions on our mind. So we have to think of those persons who are happy and comfortable in life, but it impossible in present conditions that we can find such a person.

So if we can connect to a soul so we can connect  to God who is full of love, full of peace, full of happiness and in turn we can get full of love and happiness.

journeys of life

Journeys Of Life Are Beautiful When They Are Filled With Spiritual Knowledge

Journey Of Life Is Beautiful When

Life is full of Scenes and every scene demands some emotions and when there Is a beautiful scene we take a photo of it and forget to enjoy the scene just keep away the cameras and enjoy the scene which gives you vibrations and let others also give and take the vibrations this helps in creating a good aura and brings happiness. Photo doesn’t give any vibrations.So What Is A Beautiful Life So keep away all the technology aside and open the biggest camera and recorder that is you and enjoy the scene.Enjoy Journeys Of Life By Giving , Spreading Love.

Let’s sit back and experience every second of life which gives us love, peace and happiness. Every second of my life gives me an opportunity to spread the vibrations of love, happiness to other souls and this is the real journey of life. While travelling the journey we come across some small and big moments instead of love, happiness and peace we also get hurt, ego and anger just check for a moment in my life through the day which thoughts are hurting me and life is becoming a burden to me , just check for a second.

Daily we meet our friends in office, outside we generally ask how life is and there is a default answer “Just Cutting life”, “It’s going on” and so, it feels we are in jail and we are in some tenure.

And When When We Ask God Journeys Of Life God says when somebody asks “how are you” Say Full of Happiness, Running and enjoying life.

Today we see in our daily routines somebody says something and we get hurt easily and we say that oh God please give him little manners , but the other man also tell that oh god please help him get him out of my way. We all are demanding love from each other today. Everybody is asking for love, peace, respect, happiness. But the point is everybody is full of love and happiness from within and again asking for please give 1min of peace, please give me respect, please doesn’t talk like this.

Instead we should become a man full of happiness, full of peace, full of respect.

We also see that when we are travelling in a car “some beggars around the streets just flock around and ask for money, help, and food. The beggars are intelligent they ask only those people who can give the necessary things but we are asking everybody give me respect, love, peace who himself is in need of peace.

We go to temples and other religious place for peace, happiness and when we spend some time time there we experience some peace, when we see the idol of god the effect is so much when we are really god what would be the effect (I am talking of souls in Satyug) where every soul is a god, fully pure, Fully peaceful and fully happy Because now we are at the end of kalyug all the power of the soul has gone and people are just snatching from everywhere to get love, respect, and happiness.

Now the Time has come to understand yourself and see the power in you, a soul which is full of love and love and ask god to make me a soul which he made at the time when he sent us to the earth.

Heart Attack

How To Stop Heart Attacks , Best Way By knowing Your Heart


In my life I have tried all possible ways like I have worked hard in my office, I was punctual all the time, I have completed the work which was expected by my seniors in time but I feel that I am neglected and kept alone and other people who are not working that hard like me are getting rewarded and this has created lot of questions like the only thing to get noticed is not hard work and sincerity but other methods which others are following and getting rewarded for that. Then slowly I also started doing the same thing.

Let’s take another scenario

I have got married 2 years from now and I have done all possible methods to please me wife by taking her to parties,weekend movies , hotels , travelling and when I think that when I come home from office cant I ask for a cup of tea. I mean what’s the problem if she gives a cup of time before I ask. Where am I lagging? Why me?

Let’s take another scenario

I am the owner of a company and I call upon a meeting by saying to my team that we have got a project and we need to complete by next month and everybody went to work and after 2 days I see that work is lagging there , I said what’s happening what is the problem and everybody is quiet.

After 1 day again the same thing then I starting shouting today nobody leaves the office before you complete your task and I see that its working tasks are completed. Then next day again I shouted and things are happening and so shouting has become a part of life and when I go home I shouted again and my wife has done whatever I want. Now the formula is just shout and you get what you want.

One year passed and I have gained lot of business and money now every time I speak anywhere the tonal quality was aggressive and anger.

Slowly I invited Blood pressure, Diabetes and was prone to Heart Attack.

My point here is when you shout or become angry first you will be affected and later the other person because the anger first passes through you and then to others.

So every time you become angry the anger is experienced by you.

Now we all know that Newton’s third law “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction” and when you a ball up then it does not go up it will come down how is this possible when I through up it should go up but it is coming down. We all know this Law So we have to know the laws of our lives too which is very important.

This One law can prevent us from various diseases and we can lead a good life.

How To Get respect in relationship

How To Get Respect In A Relationship – A Guide For Every Relation

  • Why Respect in Relationship is ignored

  • We all know that How to get Respect In Relationship is Important and is the foundation of any relationship, but still it is ignored why?Let’s Find Out A Girl is ready for a marriage and she imagines her husband to be very smart, very caring and takes her to movies, takes her to a vacation ,drives in a good car and so on and now she has got married and the she know imagines that her husband is not the same that she has made up in the mind and creates another image and now she has two images the one before getting married and the one which is after the marriage, but in reality the husband is of different.
  • What Next

  • Now Instead of knowing the real image or character of her husband she is always playing with the two images these two images are created by the girl and she always to match the images and forgot actual image of her husband is different and Respect is totally forgotten.
  • The meaning of Respect is a character or image which we love it irrespective of how he is what he is and just think that God has made him for me and I will love him throughout my life.

Welcome To The Whole New World Of Building Relationship – Must know


Let’s try to give a different look to our RELATIONSHIP, people say that relationships are

For seven years and they have come from the heaven but we see that the relationship is very important when it comes to life when a new person enters your life and you become husband and life, a couple and how this relation will be a sweet relationship let’s explore


We have seen in olden times like in 1970-80 people have lived the relations for 50 years but today given that we choose our partners we see the relations are broken in a single day when something wrong happens. What are the Foundations of Ideal Relationship?



Let’s Explore

 An Ideal Relation is built on “Respect”. Today the word relation has changed its meaning it is linked with words how much you love me? How you talk with me? How much do you care me and basically how much did I get in this relationship but actually an ideal relationship is “How much did I give in a Relation”?


Let’s explore more


The Thoughts we create make a relation and it is created in our consciousness, there is nothing in words but words are just a reflection of the thoughts I     already created about you. So it’s totally in my control to build the relation as the thoughts are created by me.


As you know in my previous blogs I have explored “HAPPINESS


Happiness is my creation and I can be happy till I want to be


Anger is my creation I can be Angry till I want


So Relationship is my Creation and I have to power to live a better relation


Let’s check some more fundamentals of relationship


Relations are also built with other next but with yourself first –I mean to say if I am conflict within then the aura is seen outside, If I am in Harmony Inside, the aura is different the outside relations are also good and to be in harmony and peace from within so that the outside aura is also peaceful and a good relation is build and this can be attained only through Meditation. Meditation is defined as knowing yourself first and if you know yourself then you know others well.



Who Is God , Does God Exist, Explore God – A Complete Guide To God


  • For several years people have been searching around the world for God to know him, or for his Existence. People have performed so May Rituals to make GOD happy, some have stood on one Leg for years together, some are doinFasting since long to please god and some don’t believe In the existence of god itself. Gods have been separated by people on the basis of religion, caste, All the Gods are not same. So again there is a difference in worship process. The Question Comes WHO IS GOD In Hinduism there are So many gods, the GOD is Stated above and in Islam there is one god in Christianity there is one god. But all the people When they are in deep crisis they need help of god or they look up to him upside.

  • But in Reality GOD is a Point of Light Who Radiates Vibrations of Peace,Love,Purity,Happiness and God himself have said that whenever there is a deep crisis or pain in society and when the laws Never works I will come. Now is the time when people are crying for help, every day is equal to death, there is no honesty, and people are just fighting and killing others for existence, fame, money, power etc. Everybody is saying enough is enough now please spare us. There is not a single day most of the People say I am happy today. People are just Flocking to temples, Churches, Mosques for happiness Gods are being sold for a matter of few rupees. In this situation the GOD has already arrived on earth but as he cannot take a human body he takes the mouth of great persons whom people believe that he can spread the knowledge of knowing ourselves. One Such Organization which is doing a great Job is Brahmakumaris. It is said that God has come to earth and God says “my sweet children just know about yourself (Who are You) And remember me and you will be filled with happiness,Purity,Love,Bliss.


  • Still there is a huge quest for the search of GOD , Some Say DOES GOD EXIST  In this Paragraph I Will Tell Where God Lives, he lives in Paramdham or (The Soul World) which is far away from this universe where there is pin drop silence. He is called Paramdham or the Supreme Soul he is our real father and we are all his children, the Supreme is not Big but in Quality If we a drop of Peace he is the ocean of peace, If we are a drop of Purity he is the Ocean of Purity, if we are a drop of Happiness he is the Ocean of Happiness. There can not a sudden Change In this universe but his knowledge is spread throughout different Medias once it is applied to every soul the world will change the Thinking pattern of the People will be changed  and thus a new World will be created, the environment will be green and every soul Will be charged by the knowledge.But this change will take time as God wants his children to do this work of spreading Love, Peace, Happiness, Purity. Once all the Souls realize that this is a material world and body is Just a matter or costume everybody will be soul conscious. But they have to settle all The Karmic Accounts done by them here and those souls which have cleared their accounts Will be taken by god to paramdham again where they stay in the vicinity of God. They are Then charged up fully by the original sanskars of Soul (Love, Peace, Purity, Happiness etc) and Again the souls come into cycle of World Drama i.e. Golden era or what we also call a paradise Is created in this world. Thus the cycles go on and on.Whenever a Disturbance is created in our Consciousness energy a FEELING is generated which is called EMOTION DEFINITION, but we need to understand what is called the Consciousness Energy it is the Soul which resides at the intersection of center Forehead and top of the head. So all the Emotions are created in the SOUL.In our Body there are about 75 trillion cells and whatever the emotions are created these cells are affected. So we have to be careful about what emotions that are generated which directly affects our cells and because of this so many diseases are created.
why we are suffering in pain

What Is A Soul , Where Is Soul Located In The Body, How Does It Enter Body – A Complete Guide About Souls



    Before knowing the What is a Soul  we have to know that there are some belief system which have been routed in our SOUL since long time, below is the list of Deep Routed Belief Systems.Now let us know about ourselves who am I ? Some say I am a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer And some say I am a girl, boy and some say I am a Mother, Sister, Daddy, Uncle etc But these names and profession have been given to me by the Society.







  • The real SOUL IS LOCATED in the Center of the Forehead and from Top middle of top head (It is actually placed by the Intersection of Forehead and center from top Head). The Conscient Energy is full of peace, love, powerful, blissful, and pure. This means it loves to Radiates and receives its properties.


  •  Soul Enters the Body in about 48-60 hrs and the starts its functions.Where Soul Lives      In Body  is still a mystery but according to Spirituality the SOUL ORIGIN is defined at    the center of the Forehead in the Body and Starts its functions as soon as it enters, Let’s  Watch this Video for Better Understanding.


  • SOUL AFTER DEATH  is present in the atmosphere but it needs to clear all the accounts which it has done in the past so when it finds a suitable body it enters the body.when the body starts movement then it is said to be meant that the soul has entered. In order to clear its past debts the soul needs energy and this can be gained through knowledge and meditation. Here Meditation plays a Vital Role in SOUL by knowledge which has been shared that I am a peaceful, powerful, loveful, blissful soul. Meditation should be done daily at early hours i.e. around 4am where all the people are sleeping As we need a peaceful environment and there is no vibrations or sounds around us The place of Meditation is also important we should not do on bed where we sleep probably See that a small room where there is pin drop silence just sit there and look at yourself (That is Souls) at the center of forehead and start knowing its properties and make a habit that
  • I am a peaceful,powerful,loveful,blissful,pure) soul. Initially just do this for 15min.Initially the Conception of I the SOUL may not be up to 100 percent. But that is not over even while you are walking on road or in an office or anywhere try to see yourself as a soul and next person also as a beautiful soul. When some clashes occur with friends Or in in office we have to observe that or think about soul. He is also a pure soul he has a particular opinion that may not suit you.Everybody cannot say yes to your opinion. So without getting about what others have said say to yourself it’s another day in my life. Start practicing this art of seeing everybody as a pure SOULS and within no time you will see that there are no clashes among your friends or bosses.

  • When the SOUL DEFINITION   is Understood Perfectly then Almost 90% of our problems will be solved. Initially we may face problems doing this art because we have been in a long journey and assuming that we are body and not the SOUL. It’s totally a paradigm shift of thinking. But keep practicing in our daily routines about I am a pure soul and you will be free from hurt and pain. All the belief systems which we have put forth will be solved with this belief system that I am the Master of this Body or Costume, all the actions that are taking place are because of me thought and by this you will have total control on all the organs and will try to reach yourself. All the Karmas done by The SOUL will be accounted i.e. if you are doing bad karma or cheat anyone you will definitely have to pay for this for eg. You have done all good karmas and have done 2 bad karmas in your Entire life you will experience Happiness for all the good karmas done but you will also experience Hurt or pain for those two bad karmas, here there no neutralization policy.
journey of the soul

Journey Of The Soul Starts With This Blog – Must Read 2017



When is the world going to end is a major topic people are thinking because every where you see there are problems,stress,poverty,hatred,corruption,pollution etc. Every other person feels that we cant survive in this world , people have forgotten Happiness, love etc.But the whole thing is different as per Hinduism when a person dies his body dies but the Soul never die. The JOURNEY OF THE SOUL Continues and Souls goes another body again and again it becomes a pure soul. Time is the Major Factor here, so let’s study time first. End of the world is not possible because the time plays a vital role.People Say the World is going to End But it newer Ends as long as the Souls Become Pure.

Time is the Major Factor in determining the SOUL JOURNEY, as it gets completed in 5000 yrs the souls have experienced various emotions like Happiness, Peace, Love, Hurt, Dependency, etc, The Whole World Drama is Divided into 5 Parts.


The Soul Journey Soul Cycle is Divided into 5 parts as described below.




The Journey Of The Soul After Death continues its journey and it is purely dependent as per the actions or karma done by it 

  • Golden Era (1250 Years), Silver Era (1250 Years), Copper Era (1250 Years), Iron Era (1250 Years), Diamond Era.


                Golden Era (Satyug):

  •          What is Golden era
  •          The importance Of Golden Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era

             This is the time where all the Souls are just dropped from paramdham so they are                 perfectly pure, lovely, Peaceful, blissful, there powers are fully 100% in every soul.                The SoulCycle has Just Started.There are equal to God. Because the souls are fully soul  conscious. This era is also called as Paradise. The environment was pure and perfect, the souls did not have any kind of disease or pain or hurt and hence the soul lived for 150 years in the body. For 1250 years in Golden time the souls have forgotten God and they never ever felt the help of God. The population in Golden era 9 crores.We can say this is the morning phase of the day where everybody is fresh and clean. This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended. But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Silver Age.

               Silver Age (Tretayug):

  •          What is Silver era
  •          The importance Of Silver Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • In this period we can say that souls have reached afternoon time. Now the souls are little bit Tired and trying to think for outside pleasures, but still it is nearer to 100% from inner world. Souls were also experiencing all the Pleasures there was no pain. The Souls were also equal to God in their capacity of Peace,Purity,Love,Happiness. The age of souls was around 125 years. This time is also called as Paradise. So these two Eras’ are the paradise for all the souls living. In this two eras the souls have taken around 21 births to experience the perfect love,happiness,purity,love etc.This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended.

      But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Copper Age.

                Copper Age (Dwaparyug):

  •          What is Copper era
  •          The importance Of Copper Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • In this time the soul has reached the evening stage of the day.Dwapar means two and people started thinking and having different opinion. They started getting attracted towards the outer world more than the inner world. Most of the religions were formed in this age. The Soul consciousness started depreciating its powers in this time and body Consciousness has increased. The Love towards the body and caring body has come into Existence. People have started looking others for their outside beauty and thus Love has turned into Lust. People were divided into religions and a kind of Hatred developed in them against one another. They have started collecting material which could give them happiness and peace of mind. In this period the age of soul is decreased to 90 years. This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended.

But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Iron Age.

  •           Iron Age (Kalyug):
  •          What is Iron era
  •          The importance Of Iron Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • This time the souls have reached the night stage as we know. When we come home from office at night we are totally exhausted and want rest similarly the soul has lost all its potential values and started looking for peace, happiness Love, and purity in outside world. It is just begging for these things (i.e. souls are begging for some Respect, Love, and Happiness etc). There has been extreme Decline In values and souls have become Materialistic in nature. They started blaming Each other for religions, castes, power, money etc. Moral Values were vanished totally and every soul has become week. In this situation The Souls are looking up to God for peace, love, happiness. The Souls have developed so much Hatred among each other for money, power etc that they want to kill others for that. People using all fraud methods to become a manager a company or to be a politician. In this time the age of the soul is decreased to 60-65 years. So the souls get only 63 births in these two eras (Dwapar and Kalyug).This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended.

      But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Diamond Age.

                Diamond Age (Samgamyug):

  •          What is Diamond era
  •          The importance Of Diamond Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • In this time it is said that the souls get interacted with the Supreme Soul(God). In this time the God gives the knowledge to all the Souls About their Existence as to who they really are Conscient Love,Happiness,Peace,Purity) The Supreme Soul says just know who you are and remember me and you will be Filled with love, purity and happiness. He also says I am your real father. The values or the properties are once again trying to emerge in soul .But this is not an instant process. It’s totally a Paradigm shift in souls thinking pattern. Souls will realize this and thus the Knowledge is spread. All the Karmic Accounts are closed in this period, (Karmic Account is the Actions or Karma which the soul has performed on this planet) and only those Which can live up to the values of originality (i.e. Peace, Love, Purity, Happiness) will be Taken up by God  to paramdham where he actually resides the souls just being in front Of the Almighty are fully charged to 100% of their inner Values, (Eg As we stand in front Of a Power House we experience the power of that), and all the souls once again emerge with 100 % soul Conscious and again a new cycle is set with Golden age and the Souls start coming to the earth for Creating Karmic Accounts or doing Karmas. This is the End of the Cycle, the Cycle repeats every 5000 years in the same way. In this 5000 years the souls take birth 84 times, People say that after 84 millions of yonis we get a human life but it is not true. After 84 births the cycle gets complete. This is a small effort by me to present the world Drama Cycle. This was not the end of the world it what a phase that ended.
  • The “JOURNEY OF THE SOUL” repeats every 5000 years but there is no End of the World.

What Is Forgiveness , How To Forgive , Benefits Of Forgiveness – A Complete Guide On Forgiveness


  • The journey of life should be  great we all think this way but while living so many times we face so many difficulties we get hurt and we want to lash out or punish the person who has that Hurt us and in this process I have tried to experiment with Spirituality to find out why is this so.

  •  Till now We have always thinking that other person because of words, body language is hurting me then and I will teach him a lesson and normally everybody would think in the same lines, and the other thing is just forgive him but it seems easy to say just forgive him but when we really know it is really hard to forgive anybody who has hurt you. We need to understand WHAT IS FORGIVENESS and we have to actually know whom we are forgiving.


  • Till today we always thought that we are always a victim by saying, I mean he had used very hurting words, he had been very harsh and so on the list continues,if we really know the Forgiveness will have to come out of this victim phase and this can be possible if we know that whatever hurt is being created it is because of me and I am the creator of this hurt. The Foremost Thing is HOW TO FORGIVE. First Prayer to give me strength to Forgive. For anybody to forgive I should be filled with love, filled with Peace then I will be able to forgive.
  • When we undergo a physical pain we take care very much about it we go to doctor and do the necessary treatment but the emotional hurt which we cannot see is only felt, but instead of blaming others who have hurt you makes you more painful, in this case it is important to know that I have no other choice but to forgive him and come out of the pain because the pain was created by me. PRAYER FOR FORGIVENESS is very important and gives us Courage to Forgive The other person has just said something and I holded it and keep on thinking and thinking and getting hurt. I just don’t have any choice I have to lead a Healthy Life I can’t keep on getting hurt every now and then. The Whole Thing above is the PROCESS OF FORGIVENESS


  • But sometimes the hurt gets on so quickly and we may to Depression and people say HOW TO FORGIVE.we have to think that I am a powerful Soul and no hurt in this universe can disturb me unless I prefer to get disturbed. Just rub it off from your mind and forgive the other person sincerely. This power of forgiving others is a great art and can be achieved by Wisdom and knowledge. By Forgiving we are not doing favour to anybody but we are helping ourselves to come out of the viscous cycle of hurt. So think about it and the rest of the life will be peaceful. Let anybody hurt me I will be stable because now I have gained knowledge regarding Forgiveness




  • Once we know that I am a Peaceful Soul and there is no Hurt Generated as     we thought          all that was body which is doing the things and there is           nothing called soul. This way of          thinking gets ourself out of the guilt       and maintain a good relationship. The BENEFITS OF       FORGIVENESS is to know the Facts of Life and live a happy life


  • God plays a very important Role in the case of FORGIVENESS . When we     do prayers we ask God to FORGIVE US and we also him Power to         Forgiveness others , this is the only power in the universe where there    is no competition.The power from God just massages our body and  mind and makes it healthy. GOD AND FORGIVENESS is said to linked perfectly   because GOD is Ocean of Forgiveness and has plenty of Power to Give.




  • God says that By Talking the grudge you are not doing any favour to anyone but you are doing a favour to yourself by forgiving others. Forgiveness gives the power to heal within and by forgiving you will be most liked person and God likes good people what does forgiveness mean , How to Forgive , the process of forgiveness,the benefits of forgiveness,god and forgiveness,what god says about forgiveness.
what is happiness

What Is Happiness , How To Be Happy – A Complete Guide On Happiness



  • In Today world, the one thing which people are looking around is HAPPINESS, whether it Is through possessions, building bank balance, building property, through object like if someone donates a car, through People, through achievements, the bottom line is happiness. WHAT IS HAPPINESS , why do u want success to feel happy, some say if I break this relation then I would be happy. The Point is all the happiness described here is just momentary And is dependent on all the factors described people are looking for happiness outside the world, which is just temporary.


  • One thing to point here some people say if there is no desire how can we Be happy people say if my desire of becoming a stock broker and if I achieve this then I am happy or if I become the general manager of a company I would be happy. This is a deep rooted Belief Systems which we are carrying from years and we have learnt from our parents if you get good Marks in exam then I will be happy, if you are happy then I will be happy if you respect me I will Be happy, if my parents are happy then I will be happy and so on.Happiness describes happiness is not outside but it is within and to bring it out we have to just express it. 
  • When I was young in my thirtee’s and looked around the world I found the people who were In the top positions in every industry had a luxurious living, they had cars, great banglows, they would prefer to go where ever they like and had good food everyday and had every thing Which would keep them happy and I have the desire to become the General Manager of a Company. Some how I completed my graduation and joined a Company , my Salary was less but my goal was to become General Manager.


  • As we have discussed above the CONCEPT OF HAPPINESS has Totally Changed. In this process of becoming General Manager the First thing started Developing my technical Skills and up to some extent I have gained lot of technical knowledge About the industry in which I was working , my next target was to become Assistant Manager And then I did not care and started shouting at people and they listen to me by anything, people used to Fear To come to me and talk which I though was an achievement the process went on for another Six months,The Point here is I have taken care of my aim but I could not take of myself thought this process had developed Stress, Anxiety  and Depression.
  • Every Person over a period of time right from childhood has developed a kind of Personality from their Parents,Friends,Relatives,office etc. But the soul which is Unique in personality is all overwritten with the latest personality which has now Developed. For Eg we are walking in park and someone from other side who knows You very well comes near you give a smile on face (say Hai to him) the other person Without reacting just passes away.


  • Personality types are different for different people.Now again we keep on walking and another Person comes near you and reacts harshly (as something unnatural might have happened To him at that time) and you just cant resist and shout back , and Similarly in the whole day many cases happen like this. Similarly many cases happen to you which lead to Irritation, Frustration.It is natural that on your friends birthday we call him and wish him . There are so many people for whom your reactions are harsh because at that time they may be going through some problems and they will not respond properly to your wishes and because of this you hate them that does not mean they have personality disorders or Because they have done something unfair to you. But here the point my original Personality is changing constantly according the other persons behavior and the Next day similar incidents happen and you react to that , here we can’t blame the Other person because he is thinking about something in his mind and had ignored You or shouted at you , but we cant do the same thing He is correct according to Him but I have changed my personality by not shouting at him. The Process Of “HOW TO BE  HAPPY” This is a personality type Here we have to ask Our self that our personality which was very good is just changing because of other People  its our huge loss for us. So how to react when somebody shouts , just remembering that I have a personality which is very curtious, humble, talking sweet, Peace and I will not react to anyone as I have to Be practical by thinking that the other person is not shouting for your behavior But he is on another way remembering something which has hurt him and I took he commented on me . Even if he really comments on me I have a choice Of my personality that I will take it easy and doesn’t react according because if I react I am depleting my energy which is my strength. Our Personality (Courtesy, Humble,talking  sweet is for ourselves it will only benefit me only.


  • Stress can be defined as pressure / inner strength where pressure is not in our hands , it is From outside world , let us say we give a task for two employees and both them are given Their task within 24 hours. The first starts thinking I will try my best and work hard this is Positive Thinking the second Thinks how can I complete the job within so less time with the help of Spirituality and meditation, is it the way to treat employees, What if I don’t complete , all of them will point me by saying he doesn’t know how to work Fast, will be management through me out of the company and so on. He is working but Is depleting a lot of energy and the inner strength in creating Stress Both the employees complete the work on time. But the difference one has energy conservation formula and other has depleted the energy. We need to think of it what we need to be as we have a choice , I will do this task But with positive energy and so on. PEACE AND HAPPINESS totally in our Hands Thus we can change our behavior and let any situation Come I am ready to face it as I am cool and quite from within and my thoughts are Positive. Life will become easy.
  • HAPPINESS cannot come from Dependency ,Here I want to say something that I have always tried to keep others happy I want  to keep my wife happy, I want my parents to keep happy, I want to To keep my boss happy, I want to keep my friends happy ,because If they are happy then I will be happy but I being not Happy while making Them happy the effort goes wasted to keep happy still they blame You because you were not naturally happy while making them happy.
  • The Final Summary of all this is Happiness cannot come from outside World. But a little bit of Loveand a sweet hug can make a difference.
  • Happiness is our integral property we already have it but we have forgotten it that the Soul (THE REAL I) has the property of HAPPINESS,because all the other layers have overwritten above happiness layer has become the last layer now , we need to bring to it to first layer is only possible through Spirituality and meditation. God is the Highest of Energy. Daily prey God to show you the correct direction on which we can find happiness. Explore Happiness from within , Share Happiness and Experience the Real Happiness , Remember who we are (The Soul) that will solve all the problems of today life.
  • I (Soul) is filled with HAPPINESS when i came to this earth. I started depleting the energy when i came across the five major vises and forgot the real happiness , I have become slave of this vices now and constantly depleting my energy to get happiness and forgot that the real happiness is within me and i just need to share and experience it.


anger management

What Is Anger, How To Control Anger – A Guide on Anger


  • When we talk about ANGER we see everywhere there is anger spread and we have taken this anger as normal. when it comes to outside world just switch on the TV and we see  anger throughout the world whether it is between families,nations,religions,countries and a perfume of Anger is spread throughout. The Anger we have seen is outside and we have to step in and check whether the anger is also generated within me.
  • Anger is so widely spread that we have accepted and there is no solution left otherwise. Now the Time has come to learn about Anger Management

  • We have to ask our self we need to live with ANGER or we need to change if there is an answer to live it then go head and live with it and don’t turn around for peace and happiness.Think for Today I will not get ANGRY today whatever happens and whoever says anything to me, I will not react and you have done that for one day but it is equally important that we should think about anger inside also. This is the major step of Anger Management.The Second step is we have to think clearly that Anger is Unhealthy for me and at no cost I will be angry. The Third Step will be It is not coming from outside but it is created by me and first experienced or felt by me. Why should I create anger knowing the fact that it creates Toxins in my body which leads to various Diseases

      Anger Management can be Briefly Summarized

  • Anger is Harmful to me whatever the circumstances outside happen.
  • Anger Kills a Living Person from within
  • Whenever we get Angry stop and check the Belief Systems that is what is the reason for the Anger and try to change it.
  • A little attention can save a lot of Energy.

      All these are old belief system; we need to replace them

  • Anger is Harmful to me under any circumstances
  • Not being Angry I will save a lot of energy.
  • Anger is create by me and not from outside.
  • Anger produces dangerous toxins inside me which will kill my cells.
  • Anger cannot take correct decisions.
  • Even the World’s Saddest Person cannot make you angry unless you yourself choose to become angry because it is your Creations.

      Types of Angers:

  1. Irritation
  2. Frustration
  3. Anger
  4. Hate
  • The Starting point of Anger is Irritation we should check this and fix it immediately otherwise it will lead to Frustration. If frustration is not check it leads to ANGER and finally Hate. People even say that I will hate you for my entire life because you have tortured me with your words.
real love

What Is Real Love , A Complete Guide on Real Love – 2017


  • As we have seen since last 10 years there has been a drastic increase in divorce rate what could be the reason , it’s all about relationship, LOVE .What I thought till today about maintaining relationships was I have always talked politely with my wife, I have always given the best for her and I have always tried to see that she is comfortable about  in all regards with me , I have given gifts, I have taken her to her favorite Restaurants and Movies and   I have done everything which she asked but still I feel from within that my Relationship is not that much strong.WHAT IS REAL LOVE .We always thought that Being in Love is all about dating , lust etc but the real love is a magical feeling which massages the entire body and the mind


  • The Point is I can think bad about you and still do good things for you .When we look the relation from outside it is a perfect relation. People from outside say what a relation how caring husband and wife and who has given Relationship but still when I look deeper within I am having that gut feeling that I am fed up with her.There is no Positive Thinking about your partner only positive words cannot help in relations. It is because when we construct a building the building looks beautiful from outside but if the foundation is weak any earthquake comes the building will collapse so the foundation of the relation should be strong means the thoughts or the feelings to your partner should be from within and there should not be any trace of lacking in this relation. Only thoughts create the vibrations which will definitely be felt by the partner no matter how the words you speak. Even if you torture your wife for any untoward incident that she has done but the realistic thought, it will taken as good experience but not  that he has tortured me, because the thoughts and vibrations are reaching first and then the words. By the time tortured words reach the thoughts and vibrations have done their work. So in relations good thoughts, Emotions play a vital role to keep up the pace of relations.


  • We all are aware that the thoughts are created in Soul and same thoughts comes into actions so the thought of love, care is natural since love is integral part of the soul ,but this we have forgotten long back now we need to think we are a LOVEFUL SOUL which radiates LOVE. This shift from body to soul is done with the help of Meditation. We should pray to god that I am a loveful soul and remember him as god is the Ocean Of Love. When we do this the vibration and feelings of love are generated and this will lead to a different personality altogether. REAL LOVE also play a vital role in relationship try to use the Best love quotes as per the need and requirements , it should look natural.
  • The First thing what ever you are try to be with yourself i mean LOVE YOURSELF so that you can create the same LOVE for others There are in-numerous benefits by doing this we will come to know the real I (The Soul) and we will connect to God easily. Meditation will be the Mediator between I and the God which helps in doing this. Other benefits should be experienced and felt as emotions cannot be written perfectly.
  • Remember LOVE is the Best Emotions which can be felt as people true love is felt by destiny. Just create thoughts and vibrations of PURE LOVE and spread it with your loved ones and I assure you you will be happy throughout your life.Some of the Examples to keep relation going is QUOTES OF LOVE which should be used at exact times so that a much stronger bonding is created.

What Is Trust – A Complete Guide For Trust


These Days People Don’t Trust Even If you a Guarantee for Trust , But Really Speaking trust Without A Doubt in mind is Achievement in Life . WHAT IS TRUST Here is a Simple Story I Remember an Incident there was a Young Man Who was passing by the Streets, he noticed a family of 4 people one old man, women and 2 children on the pathway of the streets.

The young man went up to them, the old man said look my family is in deep crises and we have not eaten anything since yesterday Please help us I will repay all your money. The Young man looked into the eyes of old man and his family. Those eyes were full of Truth and helplessness, the young man took out his valet and gave all the money he had and left from there. The Whole Family has blessed him with true heart. Months and Years have passed the young man got married and had children and was struggling to meet the expenses. The old man gave good education to his children and opened a small business for himself. The Children grew up and established their own firms. Suddenly the old man saw the young man , he came towards him and said how are you the young man said I am ok.The old man said on that day You Trusted Me and My Family is happy now and my children are well settled. The old man gave 3 times more the amount which the young man gave to him and said this is nothing, I will be in debt to the rest of my life.

My Point here is if you Trust anybody don’t leave a Trace of doubt whether he will double cross me or will he repay me. People can earn money, everybody can earn money but earning blessings bring Love and Happiness in the Family. Keep Accumulating the Blessings. They will bring good health, prosperity in your lives.

trust in business

Trust In Business – A Complete Guide How Trust In Business Works


I wanted to Purchase some Crockery Item, I want to a shop and asked him to show Crockery the shopkeeper displayed the crockery items before me. TRUST IN BUSINESS is utmost Important here is a short story. 

I was looking at the Best One to Buy ,the Shop Keeper Said Sir Don’t buy this Crockery , I said why , he said these are not the Original Ones and I was cheated by the Crockery merchants in spite of me telling to give me a good quality crockery. I Told the Shop Keeper it would be a loss to you, the shop keeper said I was already in pain and I don’t want to give the same pain to you. I was thrilled with this. He also said that whenever I find that this crockery is good and helpful for my customers I will give a call to you sir.

On That day the shop keeper lost his Business but gained Trust. I went home and said this incident to my Family members and friends. They said give me the shop keepers phone number we will buy crockery from that shop.

When You Gain the Trust you are done with the Job


What Is Ego , How Ego Come , Kill Ego Before It Kills You


  • It is been observed 10% of the Conflicts due to difference in openion and 90% of the conflicts are with the tone of your voice, raise your words not your Voice. It is rain that grows flowers but not thunders. So the voice shows you are Adament and the whole meaning of the word is left behind.This is one Example of WHAT IS EGO .EGO Many Times when we are in the office Boss has given some work to me and I have to the best of my ability but still boss has found some errors and tells you you can’t do a Simple work , you are working since long and again you are doing mistakes.
  • We are so attached to the work that we have taken the work as I ( I mean I am the work) and get Hurt when someone points out to the work done.We have to understand that the Boss has given about the work but as we are attached to the work we get hurt.The Attachment to any particular object,work is termed as Ego.

  • Let’s take another example there are 2 friends.The Friendship is strong since long time and one day one of them has said something wrong about other it happens but the other person has got hurt by saying how could he say such a thing to me inspite of me being the best friend ,even if he  said he should not say like this and both of them are now enemies and this has continued and no one came and Apologies. That means both are in Ego State. EGO States that if One day the person has realized this and went to the friends house and said sorry for what has happened between us. That’s it within few seconds they are again the same old friends.
  • Both the persons are waiting for each other who will come first and tell because of this they have wasted lot of time.Here people think that the person who came to the house and said sorry is a weak person , but actually he is the strong person because saying sorry needs guts. So Don’t be in Ego State and miss every thing in life. Life is short and enjoy the Life with your loved ones.If EGO is correctly applied it clear all the misunderstandings.
why we are suffering

Remove Unhappiness, Sadness, Sufferings By Wisdom – A must Read guide

 Why I am Suffering All the Time

  • It is been observed 10% of the Conflicts is due to difference in opinion and 90% of the conflicts are with the tone of your voice, raise your words not your Voice. It is rain that grows flowers but not thunders. So the voice shows you are Adamant and the whole So many times we have realized in our daily that people say you have hurt me and I am in pain today and because of you I am sad. I was Peaceful and calm and someone just came and said something bad about me and I get hurt. The only Solution which everybody thinks is kick back him or lashes out so my hurt is justified. People also don’t talk for several days and they keep the feeling of hurt with them inside and keep rubbing on it saying he has said to me like this and start crying. But Why I am unhappy all the time and why I am a slave to others words.

  •  What should I Do To remove Pain and Suffering

  • Here we have to think that the other person who has said something which has resulted in hurt but I have a choice to get unhappy or sad because this is in my hands. I can’t keep on thinking about it for years together because so many times in the day everybody says anything which results in hurt, we cannot keep blaming others and crying. We have to find a reason for this and it is simple I am unhappy because I am not strong from within and I need power to be stable, how to get that power to remain stable. For all these answers there are one answer and that is I am a powerful and peaceful Soul, I am not this body which will perish anyway and the soul will never perish. I have To think in these terms whenever I get hurt, But this needs a lot of practice daily and can be achieved through Meditation.
  • How to Be Happy in life

  • Unhappiness , Pain and Suffering can be gone with Wisdom and Meditation is the process where we study who we are , we are not this which is unhappy and in pain all the time we have to Concentrate upon the real I and also in our day-to-day activities after every hour keep on reminding that We are a Powerful and peaceful soul and get more attachment towards to the soul than the body. By practicing this art we can eliminate a lot of hurt and save lot of energy because nobody can hurt a soul. By practicing this art we can reach ourselves easily and lead a great life.

Emotions Positive And Negitive – Master Them To Lead A Great Life


  • Whenever a Disturbance is created in our Consciousness energy a FEELING is generated which is called EMOTION, but we need to understand what is called the Consciousness Energy it is the Soul which resides at the intersection of center Forehead and top of the head. So all the Emotions are created in the Soul.In our Body there are about 75 trillion cells and whatever the emotions are created these cells are affected. So we have to be careful about what emotions that are generated which directly affects our cells and because of this so many diseases are created.

  • Now we see young Professionals who are in their mid 25-30 year are suffer ring from blood pressure, Sugar and various diseases. When we ask them why is it you are so young and why these diseases they say that I get up early in morning go for walk, do exercise and have healthy diet but still I have these diseases. All these you are related to body and not the SOUL where actually the EMOTIONS ARE GENERATED. We have completely forgotten this. We thought the Stress they have been passing throughout the day in the office, outside the office because of traffic etc would be reasons of my diseases. STRESS is negative emotion which has become so normal that everybody started accepting it and say it is normal to be stressed today. If we don’t get stressed we will be left out from competition and pushed back and some other person will be there and you are thrown out.Stress is a NEGETIVE EMOTION which is created by me (The Soul) and we thought that it is created outside by the outside world or it is the need of the outside world. In fact all the Emotions created are by me and I am responsible for it and now it’s high time that we start living with it as we never thought that it is created by me but we think the circumstances outside has created stress.


  • The Soul (The real me) where all these Emotions are created. The Emotions are Positive and Negative Emotions. Soul in this State of this Era has completely strength depleted and almost every soul on the Earth has depleted its energy and hence the Emotions generated as mostly NEGETIVE EMOTION (Like Hurt, Pain, Attachment, Anger, Hate, and Belief Systems). But we should also know that the soul and his original strengths. The Strengths are (Happiness, Love, Purity, Bliss, Peace) which it has totally lost because it’s now been dominated with Negative Emotions. Why it has totally lost its Strength again is a big Theory.
What Does addiction Mean

Quick Tips For Alcohol Addition , A Small Guide for Happiness

  • Today in this world everybody is living with awareness about What Causes Addiction and WHAT IS ADDICTION what actually happens is we create a thought which is based on certain belief system, the mind then takes and analysis it and later whatever we think comes into action and anything which comes into action leaves an impression We repeatedly think in the  some way it becomes a habit and then mind will not analyze it and it does not give any judgment whether it is correct or wrong because we are thinking the same way and bypass the thought without going to the mind. Now whenever a thought is created immediately it comes into action because the mind has bypassed it and a habit is created. The Cycle continues and we then say there is no inner voice and the will power is totally dead. This is the Root cause for any addiction as mind fails to analyse the thought and the addiction dominates.



  • As Explained Above in the same context lets take an example I have got a habit of drinking wine after my dinner and when the mind has bypassed the decision making power, I feel uncomfortable and this feeling drives me towards the drink and we think that we cannot live without it internally then we can say that he has Addiction towards drinking. Even when we are Computer or at Movie the habit just drives you to your destination to have a drink and we are helpless. This is How We Know I Am Addicted and we can say now that ADDICTION IS A DISEASE In this case it is said that I don’t have any control upon myself when a drink which is outside is controlling me. I say having a drink is ok but when the drink drives me to my habit and we can’t control it is not good. This also means I have become totally a slave to the drink.



  • The first thing we need to understand that be aware of what is happening and try to meditate. DEALING WITH ADDICTION is as simple when we are aware of what is happening . In Meditation we are taught that the SOUL is the master Of our body and it controls all the organs of the body. All the thoughts are created in the soul and we are aware when the thoughts are created the mind starts functioning and will tell you this is wrong for you, the willpower plays a major factor in ADDICTION. Finally plays a great role in getting you out from addiction by constantly telling you the effects of the habit.
  • Trust is the Main Path to Get the Meditation Correctly and if we do it correctly  will increase the will power. Here meditation means just look at the thoughts which are coming, previously as we were not aware the control was lost but with meditation we can try to see the thoughts and be aware and the mind also takes the decision.


  •  Treatment For Addiction


  • The Best Treatment For Addiction is Meditation Process : Let’s sit back and reprogram the operating system on the screen of the mind and the power of the intellect visualizing what I want to be in reality.I am programming my mind and the Intellect. I am the master my happiness, my pleasure is not dependent on any substance or person. Look at myself I am the master everyone around me could be using it but my mind and intellect is in my control, Strong, powerful and independent. I am a Happy Being Happiness and Bliss is already there within it’s my true nature Flowing from inside to everyone around me.Being Aware that no substance or person on this planet can make me slave is itself the treatment. We have to ignite the power of soul and make it powerful by doing meditation . God Plays an Important Role as he is the ocean of power. Prey to God Regularly to give the power to overcome addiction.
what worrying does to you

Why Do I Always Worry , See The Best Results How To Deal With It

Why Do We Worry So Much

From Long Long years we have been under the Impression that we can’t live some of the facts and we always thought that it has become a part of our lives, one such thing is worry. Let’s Talk today about Why do we worry, Why Worries Are Killing Us.Worry is very simple as we all have Experienced it in daily in our lives, even a small boy is well known with this. It has become a habit to us since long we have been Worrying for small things because our parents have never told us that worrying is just killing ourselves every second and all the years we have been doing this has now become a habit and has been locked in the center of the Forehead and we can’t stop worrying (We have made a Stock of it).

Why Cant I Stop Worrying

As we get up in the morning we feel light, and as the day proceeds we start thinking what I have to do today in the office, Why is this person always thinking about me, Today I have to set a target and if i don’t achieve it then what ? and so on and the thoughts are created during the course of the day and some are the negative thoughts which keep on coming and then we keep on thinking about it and lot of our energy is wasted and then each day its become more and more stressful and tensed. It has become a part of our daily routine and surprisingly we have accepted this.



How To Deal With Worry is a Big Concern nowadays

To Cope Up With worry We have to stop thinking of past and future , Worrying doesn’t come in the present. These are some points which help us in worrying all the time.

  • Why I am worrying which has not happened now and which may not happen at all.
  • Worrying only kills me and does not help me in any regard.
  • Worrying Each second is wasting each second of a precious life.
  • Worrying Can Lead to Blood pressure and other Diseases





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