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Emotions Positive And Negitive – Master Them To Lead A Great Life


  • Whenever a Disturbance is created in our Consciousness energy a FEELING is generated which is called EMOTION, but we need to understand what is called the Consciousness Energy it is the Soul which resides at the intersection of center Forehead and top of the head. So all the Emotions are created in the Soul.In our Body there are about 75 trillion cells and whatever the emotions are created these cells are affected. So we have to be careful about what emotions that are generated which directly affects our cells and because of this so many diseases are created.

  • Now we see young Professionals who are in their mid 25-30 year are suffer ring from blood pressure, Sugar and various diseases. When we ask them why is it you are so young and why these diseases they say that I get up early in morning go for walk, do exercise and have healthy diet but still I have these diseases. All these you are related to body and not the SOUL where actually the EMOTIONS ARE GENERATED. We have completely forgotten this. We thought the Stress they have been passing throughout the day in the office, outside the office because of traffic etc would be reasons of my diseases. STRESS is negative emotion which has become so normal that everybody started accepting it and say it is normal to be stressed today. If we don’t get stressed we will be left out from competition and pushed back and some other person will be there and you are thrown out.Stress is a NEGETIVE EMOTION which is created by me (The Soul) and we thought that it is created outside by the outside world or it is the need of the outside world. In fact all the Emotions created are by me and I am responsible for it and now it’s high time that we start living with it as we never thought that it is created by me but we think the circumstances outside has created stress.


  • The Soul (The real me) where all these Emotions are created. The Emotions are Positive and Negative Emotions. Soul in this State of this Era has completely strength depleted and almost every soul on the Earth has depleted its energy and hence the Emotions generated as mostly NEGETIVE EMOTION (Like Hurt, Pain, Attachment, Anger, Hate, and Belief Systems). But we should also know that the soul and his original strengths. The Strengths are (Happiness, Love, Purity, Bliss, Peace) which it has totally lost because it’s now been dominated with Negative Emotions. Why it has totally lost its Strength again is a big Theory.

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