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How To Get respect in relationship

How To Get Respect In A Relationship – A Guide For Every Relation

  • Why Respect in Relationship is ignored

  • We all know that How to get Respect In Relationship is Important and is the foundation of any relationship, but still it is ignored why?Let’s Find Out A Girl is ready for a marriage and she imagines her husband to be very smart, very caring and takes her to movies, takes her to a vacation ,drives in a good car and so on and now she has got married and the she know imagines that her husband is not the same that she has made up in the mind and creates another image and now she has two images the one before getting married and the one which is after the marriage, but in reality the husband is of different.
  • What Next

  • Now Instead of knowing the real image or character of her husband she is always playing with the two images these two images are created by the girl and she always to match the images and forgot actual image of her husband is different and Respect is totally forgotten.
  • The meaning of Respect is a character or image which we love it irrespective of how he is what he is and just think that God has made him for me and I will love him throughout my life.

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