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Heart Attack

How To Stop Heart Attacks , Best Way By knowing Your Heart


In my life I have tried all possible ways like I have worked hard in my office, I was punctual all the time, I have completed the work which was expected by my seniors in time but I feel that I am neglected and kept alone and other people who are not working that hard like me are getting rewarded and this has created lot of questions like the only thing to get noticed is not hard work and sincerity but other methods which others are following and getting rewarded for that. Then slowly I also started doing the same thing.

Let’s take another scenario

I have got married 2 years from now and I have done all possible methods to please me wife by taking her to parties,weekend movies , hotels , travelling and when I think that when I come home from office cant I ask for a cup of tea. I mean what’s the problem if she gives a cup of time before I ask. Where am I lagging? Why me?

Let’s take another scenario

I am the owner of a company and I call upon a meeting by saying to my team that we have got a project and we need to complete by next month and everybody went to work and after 2 days I see that work is lagging there , I said what’s happening what is the problem and everybody is quiet.

After 1 day again the same thing then I starting shouting today nobody leaves the office before you complete your task and I see that its working tasks are completed. Then next day again I shouted and things are happening and so shouting has become a part of life and when I go home I shouted again and my wife has done whatever I want. Now the formula is just shout and you get what you want.

One year passed and I have gained lot of business and money now every time I speak anywhere the tonal quality was aggressive and anger.

Slowly I invited Blood pressure, Diabetes and was prone to Heart Attack.

My point here is when you shout or become angry first you will be affected and later the other person because the anger first passes through you and then to others.

So every time you become angry the anger is experienced by you.

Now we all know that Newton’s third law “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction” and when you a ball up then it does not go up it will come down how is this possible when I through up it should go up but it is coming down. We all know this Law So we have to know the laws of our lives too which is very important.

This One law can prevent us from various diseases and we can lead a good life.

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