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journey of the soul

Journey Of The Soul Starts With This Blog – Must Read 2017



When is the world going to end is a major topic people are thinking because every where you see there are problems,stress,poverty,hatred,corruption,pollution etc. Every other person feels that we cant survive in this world , people have forgotten Happiness, love etc.But the whole thing is different as per Hinduism when a person dies his body dies but the Soul never die. The JOURNEY OF THE SOUL Continues and Souls goes another body again and again it becomes a pure soul. Time is the Major Factor here, so let’s study time first. End of the world is not possible because the time plays a vital role.People Say the World is going to End But it newer Ends as long as the Souls Become Pure.

Time is the Major Factor in determining the SOUL JOURNEY, as it gets completed in 5000 yrs the souls have experienced various emotions like Happiness, Peace, Love, Hurt, Dependency, etc, The Whole World Drama is Divided into 5 Parts.


The Soul Journey Soul Cycle is Divided into 5 parts as described below.




The Journey Of The Soul After Death continues its journey and it is purely dependent as per the actions or karma done by it 

  • Golden Era (1250 Years), Silver Era (1250 Years), Copper Era (1250 Years), Iron Era (1250 Years), Diamond Era.


                Golden Era (Satyug):

  •          What is Golden era
  •          The importance Of Golden Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era

             This is the time where all the Souls are just dropped from paramdham so they are                 perfectly pure, lovely, Peaceful, blissful, there powers are fully 100% in every soul.                The SoulCycle has Just Started.There are equal to God. Because the souls are fully soul  conscious. This era is also called as Paradise. The environment was pure and perfect, the souls did not have any kind of disease or pain or hurt and hence the soul lived for 150 years in the body. For 1250 years in Golden time the souls have forgotten God and they never ever felt the help of God. The population in Golden era 9 crores.We can say this is the morning phase of the day where everybody is fresh and clean. This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended. But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Silver Age.

               Silver Age (Tretayug):

  •          What is Silver era
  •          The importance Of Silver Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • In this period we can say that souls have reached afternoon time. Now the souls are little bit Tired and trying to think for outside pleasures, but still it is nearer to 100% from inner world. Souls were also experiencing all the Pleasures there was no pain. The Souls were also equal to God in their capacity of Peace,Purity,Love,Happiness. The age of souls was around 125 years. This time is also called as Paradise. So these two Eras’ are the paradise for all the souls living. In this two eras the souls have taken around 21 births to experience the perfect love,happiness,purity,love etc.This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended.

      But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Copper Age.

                Copper Age (Dwaparyug):

  •          What is Copper era
  •          The importance Of Copper Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • In this time the soul has reached the evening stage of the day.Dwapar means two and people started thinking and having different opinion. They started getting attracted towards the outer world more than the inner world. Most of the religions were formed in this age. The Soul consciousness started depreciating its powers in this time and body Consciousness has increased. The Love towards the body and caring body has come into Existence. People have started looking others for their outside beauty and thus Love has turned into Lust. People were divided into religions and a kind of Hatred developed in them against one another. They have started collecting material which could give them happiness and peace of mind. In this period the age of soul is decreased to 90 years. This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended.

But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Iron Age.

  •           Iron Age (Kalyug):
  •          What is Iron era
  •          The importance Of Iron Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • This time the souls have reached the night stage as we know. When we come home from office at night we are totally exhausted and want rest similarly the soul has lost all its potential values and started looking for peace, happiness Love, and purity in outside world. It is just begging for these things (i.e. souls are begging for some Respect, Love, and Happiness etc). There has been extreme Decline In values and souls have become Materialistic in nature. They started blaming Each other for religions, castes, power, money etc. Moral Values were vanished totally and every soul has become week. In this situation The Souls are looking up to God for peace, love, happiness. The Souls have developed so much Hatred among each other for money, power etc that they want to kill others for that. People using all fraud methods to become a manager a company or to be a politician. In this time the age of the soul is decreased to 60-65 years. So the souls get only 63 births in these two eras (Dwapar and Kalyug).This was not the end of the world it was a phase that ended.

      But the Soul Journey Continues its next phase in Diamond Age.

                Diamond Age (Samgamyug):

  •          What is Diamond era
  •          The importance Of Diamond Era
  •          The Soul Journey In The Era
  • In this time it is said that the souls get interacted with the Supreme Soul(God). In this time the God gives the knowledge to all the Souls About their Existence as to who they really are Conscient Love,Happiness,Peace,Purity) The Supreme Soul says just know who you are and remember me and you will be Filled with love, purity and happiness. He also says I am your real father. The values or the properties are once again trying to emerge in soul .But this is not an instant process. It’s totally a Paradigm shift in souls thinking pattern. Souls will realize this and thus the Knowledge is spread. All the Karmic Accounts are closed in this period, (Karmic Account is the Actions or Karma which the soul has performed on this planet) and only those Which can live up to the values of originality (i.e. Peace, Love, Purity, Happiness) will be Taken up by God  to paramdham where he actually resides the souls just being in front Of the Almighty are fully charged to 100% of their inner Values, (Eg As we stand in front Of a Power House we experience the power of that), and all the souls once again emerge with 100 % soul Conscious and again a new cycle is set with Golden age and the Souls start coming to the earth for Creating Karmic Accounts or doing Karmas. This is the End of the Cycle, the Cycle repeats every 5000 years in the same way. In this 5000 years the souls take birth 84 times, People say that after 84 millions of yonis we get a human life but it is not true. After 84 births the cycle gets complete. This is a small effort by me to present the world Drama Cycle. This was not the end of the world it what a phase that ended.
  • The “JOURNEY OF THE SOUL” repeats every 5000 years but there is no End of the World.

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