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journeys of life

Journeys Of Life Are Beautiful When They Are Filled With Spiritual Knowledge

Journey Of Life Is Beautiful When

Life is full of Scenes and every scene demands some emotions and when there Is a beautiful scene we take a photo of it and forget to enjoy the scene just keep away the cameras and enjoy the scene which gives you vibrations and let others also give and take the vibrations this helps in creating a good aura and brings happiness. Photo doesn’t give any vibrations.So What Is A Beautiful Life So keep away all the technology aside and open the biggest camera and recorder that is you and enjoy the scene.Enjoy Journeys Of Life By Giving , Spreading Love.

Let’s sit back and experience every second of life which gives us love, peace and happiness. Every second of my life gives me an opportunity to spread the vibrations of love, happiness to other souls and this is the real journey of life. While travelling the journey we come across some small and big moments instead of love, happiness and peace we also get hurt, ego and anger just check for a moment in my life through the day which thoughts are hurting me and life is becoming a burden to me , just check for a second.

Daily we meet our friends in office, outside we generally ask how life is and there is a default answer “Just Cutting life”, “It’s going on” and so, it feels we are in jail and we are in some tenure.

And When When We Ask God Journeys Of Life God says when somebody asks “how are you” Say Full of Happiness, Running and enjoying life.

Today we see in our daily routines somebody says something and we get hurt easily and we say that oh God please give him little manners , but the other man also tell that oh god please help him get him out of my way. We all are demanding love from each other today. Everybody is asking for love, peace, respect, happiness. But the point is everybody is full of love and happiness from within and again asking for please give 1min of peace, please give me respect, please doesn’t talk like this.

Instead we should become a man full of happiness, full of peace, full of respect.

We also see that when we are travelling in a car “some beggars around the streets just flock around and ask for money, help, and food. The beggars are intelligent they ask only those people who can give the necessary things but we are asking everybody give me respect, love, peace who himself is in need of peace.

We go to temples and other religious place for peace, happiness and when we spend some time time there we experience some peace, when we see the idol of god the effect is so much when we are really god what would be the effect (I am talking of souls in Satyug) where every soul is a god, fully pure, Fully peaceful and fully happy Because now we are at the end of kalyug all the power of the soul has gone and people are just snatching from everywhere to get love, respect, and happiness.

Now the Time has come to understand yourself and see the power in you, a soul which is full of love and love and ask god to make me a soul which he made at the time when he sent us to the earth.

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