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What Does addiction Mean

Quick Tips For Alcohol Addition , A Small Guide for Happiness

  • Today in this world everybody is living with awareness about What Causes Addiction and WHAT IS ADDICTION what actually happens is we create a thought which is based on certain belief system, the mind then takes and analysis it and later whatever we think comes into action and anything which comes into action leaves an impression We repeatedly think in the  some way it becomes a habit and then mind will not analyze it and it does not give any judgment whether it is correct or wrong because we are thinking the same way and bypass the thought without going to the mind. Now whenever a thought is created immediately it comes into action because the mind has bypassed it and a habit is created. The Cycle continues and we then say there is no inner voice and the will power is totally dead. This is the Root cause for any addiction as mind fails to analyse the thought and the addiction dominates.



  • As Explained Above in the same context lets take an example I have got a habit of drinking wine after my dinner and when the mind has bypassed the decision making power, I feel uncomfortable and this feeling drives me towards the drink and we think that we cannot live without it internally then we can say that he has Addiction towards drinking. Even when we are Computer or at Movie the habit just drives you to your destination to have a drink and we are helpless. This is How We Know I Am Addicted and we can say now that ADDICTION IS A DISEASE In this case it is said that I don’t have any control upon myself when a drink which is outside is controlling me. I say having a drink is ok but when the drink drives me to my habit and we can’t control it is not good. This also means I have become totally a slave to the drink.



  • The first thing we need to understand that be aware of what is happening and try to meditate. DEALING WITH ADDICTION is as simple when we are aware of what is happening . In Meditation we are taught that the SOUL is the master Of our body and it controls all the organs of the body. All the thoughts are created in the soul and we are aware when the thoughts are created the mind starts functioning and will tell you this is wrong for you, the willpower plays a major factor in ADDICTION. Finally plays a great role in getting you out from addiction by constantly telling you the effects of the habit.
  • Trust is the Main Path to Get the Meditation Correctly and if we do it correctly  will increase the will power. Here meditation means just look at the thoughts which are coming, previously as we were not aware the control was lost but with meditation we can try to see the thoughts and be aware and the mind also takes the decision.


  •  Treatment For Addiction


  • The Best Treatment For Addiction is Meditation Process : Let’s sit back and reprogram the operating system on the screen of the mind and the power of the intellect visualizing what I want to be in reality.I am programming my mind and the Intellect. I am the master my happiness, my pleasure is not dependent on any substance or person. Look at myself I am the master everyone around me could be using it but my mind and intellect is in my control, Strong, powerful and independent. I am a Happy Being Happiness and Bliss is already there within it’s my true nature Flowing from inside to everyone around me.Being Aware that no substance or person on this planet can make me slave is itself the treatment. We have to ignite the power of soul and make it powerful by doing meditation . God Plays an Important Role as he is the ocean of power. Prey to God Regularly to give the power to overcome addiction.

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