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why we are suffering

Remove Unhappiness, Sadness, Sufferings By Wisdom – A must Read guide

 Why I am Suffering All the Time

  • It is been observed 10% of the Conflicts is due to difference in opinion and 90% of the conflicts are with the tone of your voice, raise your words not your Voice. It is rain that grows flowers but not thunders. So the voice shows you are Adamant and the whole So many times we have realized in our daily that people say you have hurt me and I am in pain today and because of you I am sad. I was Peaceful and calm and someone just came and said something bad about me and I get hurt. The only Solution which everybody thinks is kick back him or lashes out so my hurt is justified. People also don’t talk for several days and they keep the feeling of hurt with them inside and keep rubbing on it saying he has said to me like this and start crying. But Why I am unhappy all the time and why I am a slave to others words.

  •  What should I Do To remove Pain and Suffering

  • Here we have to think that the other person who has said something which has resulted in hurt but I have a choice to get unhappy or sad because this is in my hands. I can’t keep on thinking about it for years together because so many times in the day everybody says anything which results in hurt, we cannot keep blaming others and crying. We have to find a reason for this and it is simple I am unhappy because I am not strong from within and I need power to be stable, how to get that power to remain stable. For all these answers there are one answer and that is I am a powerful and peaceful Soul, I am not this body which will perish anyway and the soul will never perish. I have To think in these terms whenever I get hurt, But this needs a lot of practice daily and can be achieved through Meditation.
  • How to Be Happy in life

  • Unhappiness , Pain and Suffering can be gone with Wisdom and Meditation is the process where we study who we are , we are not this which is unhappy and in pain all the time we have to Concentrate upon the real I and also in our day-to-day activities after every hour keep on reminding that We are a Powerful and peaceful soul and get more attachment towards to the soul than the body. By practicing this art we can eliminate a lot of hurt and save lot of energy because nobody can hurt a soul. By practicing this art we can reach ourselves easily and lead a great life.

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