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The Power Of Thought Will Creates And Destroy A Person

Experience The Power Of Thought

In the recent times we have experienced telepathy that is the power of mind. It has been experimented by scientists when a person’s mind who is in Japan is plugged with electrodes and is connected to machines to check the frequency and another person who is in Mumbai is also connected with electrodes to a machine .When we asked to think about the person in Japan and India they both showed similar patterns in the machine which means Power Of Thought of person can reach anywhere the power of thought travels to that person and the impressions of that person are felt by us.

These are are deep rooted belief systems



When a mother thinks about a child that he will cry now and then within one second the child cries, how does the mother know that the child will cry. It is because of the Power Of Thought made by the mother.

So the point here is whenever we think we have to think before we think. Now as we are living in the world where there is lot of pain and hate, hurt  and we think of any person then automatically whatever the feelings and vibrations are experienced by that person at that particular time have an impressions on our mind. So we have to think of those persons who are happy and comfortable in life, but it impossible in present conditions that we can find such a person.

So if we can connect to a soul so we can connect  to God who is full of love, full of peace, full of happiness and in turn we can get full of love and happiness.

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