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trust in business

Trust In Business – A Complete Guide How Trust In Business Works


I wanted to Purchase some Crockery Item, I want to a shop and asked him to show Crockery the shopkeeper displayed the crockery items before me. TRUST IN BUSINESS is utmost Important here is a short story. 

I was looking at the Best One to Buy ,the Shop Keeper Said Sir Don’t buy this Crockery , I said why , he said these are not the Original Ones and I was cheated by the Crockery merchants in spite of me telling to give me a good quality crockery. I Told the Shop Keeper it would be a loss to you, the shop keeper said I was already in pain and I don’t want to give the same pain to you. I was thrilled with this. He also said that whenever I find that this crockery is good and helpful for my customers I will give a call to you sir.

On That day the shop keeper lost his Business but gained Trust. I went home and said this incident to my Family members and friends. They said give me the shop keepers phone number we will buy crockery from that shop.

When You Gain the Trust you are done with the Job

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