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Welcome To The Whole New World Of Building Relationship – Must know


Let’s try to give a different look to our RELATIONSHIP, people say that relationships are

For seven years and they have come from the heaven but we see that the relationship is very important when it comes to life when a new person enters your life and you become husband and life, a couple and how this relation will be a sweet relationship let’s explore


We have seen in olden times like in 1970-80 people have lived the relations for 50 years but today given that we choose our partners we see the relations are broken in a single day when something wrong happens. What are the Foundations of Ideal Relationship?



Let’s Explore

 An Ideal Relation is built on “Respect”. Today the word relation has changed its meaning it is linked with words how much you love me? How you talk with me? How much do you care me and basically how much did I get in this relationship but actually an ideal relationship is “How much did I give in a Relation”?


Let’s explore more


The Thoughts we create make a relation and it is created in our consciousness, there is nothing in words but words are just a reflection of the thoughts I     already created about you. So it’s totally in my control to build the relation as the thoughts are created by me.


As you know in my previous blogs I have explored “HAPPINESS


Happiness is my creation and I can be happy till I want to be


Anger is my creation I can be Angry till I want


So Relationship is my Creation and I have to power to live a better relation


Let’s check some more fundamentals of relationship


Relations are also built with other next but with yourself first –I mean to say if I am conflict within then the aura is seen outside, If I am in Harmony Inside, the aura is different the outside relations are also good and to be in harmony and peace from within so that the outside aura is also peaceful and a good relation is build and this can be attained only through Meditation. Meditation is defined as knowing yourself first and if you know yourself then you know others well.


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