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What Is A Soul , Where Is Soul Located In The Body, How Does It Enter Body – A Complete Guide About Souls



    Before knowing the What is a Soul  we have to know that there are some belief system which have been routed in our SOUL since long time, below is the list of Deep Routed Belief Systems.Now let us know about ourselves who am I ? Some say I am a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer And some say I am a girl, boy and some say I am a Mother, Sister, Daddy, Uncle etc But these names and profession have been given to me by the Society.







  • The real SOUL IS LOCATED in the Center of the Forehead and from Top middle of top head (It is actually placed by the Intersection of Forehead and center from top Head). The Conscient Energy is full of peace, love, powerful, blissful, and pure. This means it loves to Radiates and receives its properties.


  •  Soul Enters the Body in about 48-60 hrs and the starts its functions.Where Soul Lives      In Body  is still a mystery but according to Spirituality the SOUL ORIGIN is defined at    the center of the Forehead in the Body and Starts its functions as soon as it enters, Let’s  Watch this Video for Better Understanding.


  • SOUL AFTER DEATH  is present in the atmosphere but it needs to clear all the accounts which it has done in the past so when it finds a suitable body it enters the body.when the body starts movement then it is said to be meant that the soul has entered. In order to clear its past debts the soul needs energy and this can be gained through knowledge and meditation. Here Meditation plays a Vital Role in SOUL by knowledge which has been shared that I am a peaceful, powerful, loveful, blissful soul. Meditation should be done daily at early hours i.e. around 4am where all the people are sleeping As we need a peaceful environment and there is no vibrations or sounds around us The place of Meditation is also important we should not do on bed where we sleep probably See that a small room where there is pin drop silence just sit there and look at yourself (That is Souls) at the center of forehead and start knowing its properties and make a habit that
  • I am a peaceful,powerful,loveful,blissful,pure) soul. Initially just do this for 15min.Initially the Conception of I the SOUL may not be up to 100 percent. But that is not over even while you are walking on road or in an office or anywhere try to see yourself as a soul and next person also as a beautiful soul. When some clashes occur with friends Or in in office we have to observe that or think about soul. He is also a pure soul he has a particular opinion that may not suit you.Everybody cannot say yes to your opinion. So without getting about what others have said say to yourself it’s another day in my life. Start practicing this art of seeing everybody as a pure SOULS and within no time you will see that there are no clashes among your friends or bosses.

  • When the SOUL DEFINITION   is Understood Perfectly then Almost 90% of our problems will be solved. Initially we may face problems doing this art because we have been in a long journey and assuming that we are body and not the SOUL. It’s totally a paradigm shift of thinking. But keep practicing in our daily routines about I am a pure soul and you will be free from hurt and pain. All the belief systems which we have put forth will be solved with this belief system that I am the Master of this Body or Costume, all the actions that are taking place are because of me thought and by this you will have total control on all the organs and will try to reach yourself. All the Karmas done by The SOUL will be accounted i.e. if you are doing bad karma or cheat anyone you will definitely have to pay for this for eg. You have done all good karmas and have done 2 bad karmas in your Entire life you will experience Happiness for all the good karmas done but you will also experience Hurt or pain for those two bad karmas, here there no neutralization policy.

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