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anger management

What Is Anger, How To Control Anger – A Guide on Anger


  • When we talk about ANGER we see everywhere there is anger spread and we have taken this anger as normal. when it comes to outside world just switch on the TV and we see  anger throughout the world whether it is between families,nations,religions,countries and a perfume of Anger is spread throughout. The Anger we have seen is outside and we have to step in and check whether the anger is also generated within me.
  • Anger is so widely spread that we have accepted and there is no solution left otherwise. Now the Time has come to learn about Anger Management

  • We have to ask our self we need to live with ANGER or we need to change if there is an answer to live it then go head and live with it and don’t turn around for peace and happiness.Think for Today I will not get ANGRY today whatever happens and whoever says anything to me, I will not react and you have done that for one day but it is equally important that we should think about anger inside also. This is the major step of Anger Management.The Second step is we have to think clearly that Anger is Unhealthy for me and at no cost I will be angry. The Third Step will be It is not coming from outside but it is created by me and first experienced or felt by me. Why should I create anger knowing the fact that it creates Toxins in my body which leads to various Diseases

      Anger Management can be Briefly Summarized

  • Anger is Harmful to me whatever the circumstances outside happen.
  • Anger Kills a Living Person from within
  • Whenever we get Angry stop and check the Belief Systems that is what is the reason for the Anger and try to change it.
  • A little attention can save a lot of Energy.

      All these are old belief system; we need to replace them

  • Anger is Harmful to me under any circumstances
  • Not being Angry I will save a lot of energy.
  • Anger is create by me and not from outside.
  • Anger produces dangerous toxins inside me which will kill my cells.
  • Anger cannot take correct decisions.
  • Even the World’s Saddest Person cannot make you angry unless you yourself choose to become angry because it is your Creations.

      Types of Angers:

  1. Irritation
  2. Frustration
  3. Anger
  4. Hate
  • The Starting point of Anger is Irritation we should check this and fix it immediately otherwise it will lead to Frustration. If frustration is not check it leads to ANGER and finally Hate. People even say that I will hate you for my entire life because you have tortured me with your words.

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