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What Is Ego , How Ego Come , Kill Ego Before It Kills You


  • It is been observed 10% of the Conflicts due to difference in openion and 90% of the conflicts are with the tone of your voice, raise your words not your Voice. It is rain that grows flowers but not thunders. So the voice shows you are Adament and the whole meaning of the word is left behind.This is one Example of WHAT IS EGO .EGO Many Times when we are in the office Boss has given some work to me and I have to the best of my ability but still boss has found some errors and tells you you can’t do a Simple work , you are working since long and again you are doing mistakes.
  • We are so attached to the work that we have taken the work as I ( I mean I am the work) and get Hurt when someone points out to the work done.We have to understand that the Boss has given about the work but as we are attached to the work we get hurt.The Attachment to any particular object,work is termed as Ego.

  • Let’s take another example there are 2 friends.The Friendship is strong since long time and one day one of them has said something wrong about other it happens but the other person has got hurt by saying how could he say such a thing to me inspite of me being the best friend ,even if he  said he should not say like this and both of them are now enemies and this has continued and no one came and Apologies. That means both are in Ego State. EGO States that if One day the person has realized this and went to the friends house and said sorry for what has happened between us. That’s it within few seconds they are again the same old friends.
  • Both the persons are waiting for each other who will come first and tell because of this they have wasted lot of time.Here people think that the person who came to the house and said sorry is a weak person , but actually he is the strong person because saying sorry needs guts. So Don’t be in Ego State and miss every thing in life. Life is short and enjoy the Life with your loved ones.If EGO is correctly applied it clear all the misunderstandings.

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