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What Is Forgiveness , How To Forgive , Benefits Of Forgiveness – A Complete Guide On Forgiveness


  • The journey of life should be  great we all think this way but while living so many times we face so many difficulties we get hurt and we want to lash out or punish the person who has that Hurt us and in this process I have tried to experiment with Spirituality to find out why is this so.

  •  Till now We have always thinking that other person because of words, body language is hurting me then and I will teach him a lesson and normally everybody would think in the same lines, and the other thing is just forgive him but it seems easy to say just forgive him but when we really know it is really hard to forgive anybody who has hurt you. We need to understand WHAT IS FORGIVENESS and we have to actually know whom we are forgiving.


  • Till today we always thought that we are always a victim by saying, I mean he had used very hurting words, he had been very harsh and so on the list continues,if we really know the Forgiveness will have to come out of this victim phase and this can be possible if we know that whatever hurt is being created it is because of me and I am the creator of this hurt. The Foremost Thing is HOW TO FORGIVE. First Prayer to give me strength to Forgive. For anybody to forgive I should be filled with love, filled with Peace then I will be able to forgive.
  • When we undergo a physical pain we take care very much about it we go to doctor and do the necessary treatment but the emotional hurt which we cannot see is only felt, but instead of blaming others who have hurt you makes you more painful, in this case it is important to know that I have no other choice but to forgive him and come out of the pain because the pain was created by me. PRAYER FOR FORGIVENESS is very important and gives us Courage to Forgive The other person has just said something and I holded it and keep on thinking and thinking and getting hurt. I just don’t have any choice I have to lead a Healthy Life I can’t keep on getting hurt every now and then. The Whole Thing above is the PROCESS OF FORGIVENESS


  • But sometimes the hurt gets on so quickly and we may to Depression and people say HOW TO FORGIVE.we have to think that I am a powerful Soul and no hurt in this universe can disturb me unless I prefer to get disturbed. Just rub it off from your mind and forgive the other person sincerely. This power of forgiving others is a great art and can be achieved by Wisdom and knowledge. By Forgiving we are not doing favour to anybody but we are helping ourselves to come out of the viscous cycle of hurt. So think about it and the rest of the life will be peaceful. Let anybody hurt me I will be stable because now I have gained knowledge regarding Forgiveness




  • Once we know that I am a Peaceful Soul and there is no Hurt Generated as     we thought          all that was body which is doing the things and there is           nothing called soul. This way of          thinking gets ourself out of the guilt       and maintain a good relationship. The BENEFITS OF       FORGIVENESS is to know the Facts of Life and live a happy life


  • God plays a very important Role in the case of FORGIVENESS . When we     do prayers we ask God to FORGIVE US and we also him Power to         Forgiveness others , this is the only power in the universe where there    is no competition.The power from God just massages our body and  mind and makes it healthy. GOD AND FORGIVENESS is said to linked perfectly   because GOD is Ocean of Forgiveness and has plenty of Power to Give.




  • God says that By Talking the grudge you are not doing any favour to anyone but you are doing a favour to yourself by forgiving others. Forgiveness gives the power to heal within and by forgiving you will be most liked person and God likes good people what does forgiveness mean , How to Forgive , the process of forgiveness,the benefits of forgiveness,god and forgiveness,what god says about forgiveness.

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