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what is happiness

What Is Happiness , How To Be Happy – A Complete Guide On Happiness



  • In Today world, the one thing which people are looking around is HAPPINESS, whether it Is through possessions, building bank balance, building property, through object like if someone donates a car, through People, through achievements, the bottom line is happiness. WHAT IS HAPPINESS , why do u want success to feel happy, some say if I break this relation then I would be happy. The Point is all the happiness described here is just momentary And is dependent on all the factors described people are looking for happiness outside the world, which is just temporary.


  • One thing to point here some people say if there is no desire how can we Be happy people say if my desire of becoming a stock broker and if I achieve this then I am happy or if I become the general manager of a company I would be happy. This is a deep rooted Belief Systems which we are carrying from years and we have learnt from our parents if you get good Marks in exam then I will be happy, if you are happy then I will be happy if you respect me I will Be happy, if my parents are happy then I will be happy and so on.Happiness describes happiness is not outside but it is within and to bring it out we have to just express it. 
  • When I was young in my thirtee’s and looked around the world I found the people who were In the top positions in every industry had a luxurious living, they had cars, great banglows, they would prefer to go where ever they like and had good food everyday and had every thing Which would keep them happy and I have the desire to become the General Manager of a Company. Some how I completed my graduation and joined a Company , my Salary was less but my goal was to become General Manager.


  • As we have discussed above the CONCEPT OF HAPPINESS has Totally Changed. In this process of becoming General Manager the First thing started Developing my technical Skills and up to some extent I have gained lot of technical knowledge About the industry in which I was working , my next target was to become Assistant Manager And then I did not care and started shouting at people and they listen to me by anything, people used to Fear To come to me and talk which I though was an achievement the process went on for another Six months,The Point here is I have taken care of my aim but I could not take of myself thought this process had developed Stress, Anxiety  and Depression.
  • Every Person over a period of time right from childhood has developed a kind of Personality from their Parents,Friends,Relatives,office etc. But the soul which is Unique in personality is all overwritten with the latest personality which has now Developed. For Eg we are walking in park and someone from other side who knows You very well comes near you give a smile on face (say Hai to him) the other person Without reacting just passes away.


  • Personality types are different for different people.Now again we keep on walking and another Person comes near you and reacts harshly (as something unnatural might have happened To him at that time) and you just cant resist and shout back , and Similarly in the whole day many cases happen like this. Similarly many cases happen to you which lead to Irritation, Frustration.It is natural that on your friends birthday we call him and wish him . There are so many people for whom your reactions are harsh because at that time they may be going through some problems and they will not respond properly to your wishes and because of this you hate them that does not mean they have personality disorders or Because they have done something unfair to you. But here the point my original Personality is changing constantly according the other persons behavior and the Next day similar incidents happen and you react to that , here we can’t blame the Other person because he is thinking about something in his mind and had ignored You or shouted at you , but we cant do the same thing He is correct according to Him but I have changed my personality by not shouting at him. The Process Of “HOW TO BE  HAPPY” This is a personality type Here we have to ask Our self that our personality which was very good is just changing because of other People  its our huge loss for us. So how to react when somebody shouts , just remembering that I have a personality which is very curtious, humble, talking sweet, Peace and I will not react to anyone as I have to Be practical by thinking that the other person is not shouting for your behavior But he is on another way remembering something which has hurt him and I took he commented on me . Even if he really comments on me I have a choice Of my personality that I will take it easy and doesn’t react according because if I react I am depleting my energy which is my strength. Our Personality (Courtesy, Humble,talking  sweet is for ourselves it will only benefit me only.


  • Stress can be defined as pressure / inner strength where pressure is not in our hands , it is From outside world , let us say we give a task for two employees and both them are given Their task within 24 hours. The first starts thinking I will try my best and work hard this is Positive Thinking the second Thinks how can I complete the job within so less time with the help of Spirituality and meditation, is it the way to treat employees, What if I don’t complete , all of them will point me by saying he doesn’t know how to work Fast, will be management through me out of the company and so on. He is working but Is depleting a lot of energy and the inner strength in creating Stress Both the employees complete the work on time. But the difference one has energy conservation formula and other has depleted the energy. We need to think of it what we need to be as we have a choice , I will do this task But with positive energy and so on. PEACE AND HAPPINESS totally in our Hands Thus we can change our behavior and let any situation Come I am ready to face it as I am cool and quite from within and my thoughts are Positive. Life will become easy.
  • HAPPINESS cannot come from Dependency ,Here I want to say something that I have always tried to keep others happy I want  to keep my wife happy, I want my parents to keep happy, I want to To keep my boss happy, I want to keep my friends happy ,because If they are happy then I will be happy but I being not Happy while making Them happy the effort goes wasted to keep happy still they blame You because you were not naturally happy while making them happy.
  • The Final Summary of all this is Happiness cannot come from outside World. But a little bit of Loveand a sweet hug can make a difference.
  • Happiness is our integral property we already have it but we have forgotten it that the Soul (THE REAL I) has the property of HAPPINESS,because all the other layers have overwritten above happiness layer has become the last layer now , we need to bring to it to first layer is only possible through Spirituality and meditation. God is the Highest of Energy. Daily prey God to show you the correct direction on which we can find happiness. Explore Happiness from within , Share Happiness and Experience the Real Happiness , Remember who we are (The Soul) that will solve all the problems of today life.
  • I (Soul) is filled with HAPPINESS when i came to this earth. I started depleting the energy when i came across the five major vises and forgot the real happiness , I have become slave of this vices now and constantly depleting my energy to get happiness and forgot that the real happiness is within me and i just need to share and experience it.


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