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What Is Real Love , A Complete Guide on Real Love – 2017


  • As we have seen since last 10 years there has been a drastic increase in divorce rate what could be the reason , it’s all about relationship, LOVE .What I thought till today about maintaining relationships was I have always talked politely with my wife, I have always given the best for her and I have always tried to see that she is comfortable about  in all regards with me , I have given gifts, I have taken her to her favorite Restaurants and Movies and   I have done everything which she asked but still I feel from within that my Relationship is not that much strong.WHAT IS REAL LOVE .We always thought that Being in Love is all about dating , lust etc but the real love is a magical feeling which massages the entire body and the mind


  • The Point is I can think bad about you and still do good things for you .When we look the relation from outside it is a perfect relation. People from outside say what a relation how caring husband and wife and who has given Relationship but still when I look deeper within I am having that gut feeling that I am fed up with her.There is no Positive Thinking about your partner only positive words cannot help in relations. It is because when we construct a building the building looks beautiful from outside but if the foundation is weak any earthquake comes the building will collapse so the foundation of the relation should be strong means the thoughts or the feelings to your partner should be from within and there should not be any trace of lacking in this relation. Only thoughts create the vibrations which will definitely be felt by the partner no matter how the words you speak. Even if you torture your wife for any untoward incident that she has done but the realistic thought, it will taken as good experience but not  that he has tortured me, because the thoughts and vibrations are reaching first and then the words. By the time tortured words reach the thoughts and vibrations have done their work. So in relations good thoughts, Emotions play a vital role to keep up the pace of relations.


  • We all are aware that the thoughts are created in Soul and same thoughts comes into actions so the thought of love, care is natural since love is integral part of the soul ,but this we have forgotten long back now we need to think we are a LOVEFUL SOUL which radiates LOVE. This shift from body to soul is done with the help of Meditation. We should pray to god that I am a loveful soul and remember him as god is the Ocean Of Love. When we do this the vibration and feelings of love are generated and this will lead to a different personality altogether. REAL LOVE also play a vital role in relationship try to use the Best love quotes as per the need and requirements , it should look natural.
  • The First thing what ever you are try to be with yourself i mean LOVE YOURSELF so that you can create the same LOVE for others There are in-numerous benefits by doing this we will come to know the real I (The Soul) and we will connect to God easily. Meditation will be the Mediator between I and the God which helps in doing this. Other benefits should be experienced and felt as emotions cannot be written perfectly.
  • Remember LOVE is the Best Emotions which can be felt as people true love is felt by destiny. Just create thoughts and vibrations of PURE LOVE and spread it with your loved ones and I assure you you will be happy throughout your life.Some of the Examples to keep relation going is QUOTES OF LOVE which should be used at exact times so that a much stronger bonding is created.

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