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What Is Trust – A Complete Guide For Trust


These Days People Don’t Trust Even If you a Guarantee for Trust , But Really Speaking trust Without A Doubt in mind is Achievement in Life . WHAT IS TRUST Here is a Simple Story I Remember an Incident there was a Young Man Who was passing by the Streets, he noticed a family of 4 people one old man, women and 2 children on the pathway of the streets.

The young man went up to them, the old man said look my family is in deep crises and we have not eaten anything since yesterday Please help us I will repay all your money. The Young man looked into the eyes of old man and his family. Those eyes were full of Truth and helplessness, the young man took out his valet and gave all the money he had and left from there. The Whole Family has blessed him with true heart. Months and Years have passed the young man got married and had children and was struggling to meet the expenses. The old man gave good education to his children and opened a small business for himself. The Children grew up and established their own firms. Suddenly the old man saw the young man , he came towards him and said how are you the young man said I am ok.The old man said on that day You Trusted Me and My Family is happy now and my children are well settled. The old man gave 3 times more the amount which the young man gave to him and said this is nothing, I will be in debt to the rest of my life.

My Point here is if you Trust anybody don’t leave a Trace of doubt whether he will double cross me or will he repay me. People can earn money, everybody can earn money but earning blessings bring Love and Happiness in the Family. Keep Accumulating the Blessings. They will bring good health, prosperity in your lives.

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