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Who Is God , Does God Exist, Explore God – A Complete Guide To God


  • For several years people have been searching around the world for God to know him, or for his Existence. People have performed so May Rituals to make GOD happy, some have stood on one Leg for years together, some are doinFasting since long to please god and some don’t believe In the existence of god itself. Gods have been separated by people on the basis of religion, caste, All the Gods are not same. So again there is a difference in worship process. The Question Comes WHO IS GOD In Hinduism there are So many gods, the GOD is Stated above and in Islam there is one god in Christianity there is one god. But all the people When they are in deep crisis they need help of god or they look up to him upside.

  • But in Reality GOD is a Point of Light Who Radiates Vibrations of Peace,Love,Purity,Happiness and God himself have said that whenever there is a deep crisis or pain in society and when the laws Never works I will come. Now is the time when people are crying for help, every day is equal to death, there is no honesty, and people are just fighting and killing others for existence, fame, money, power etc. Everybody is saying enough is enough now please spare us. There is not a single day most of the People say I am happy today. People are just Flocking to temples, Churches, Mosques for happiness Gods are being sold for a matter of few rupees. In this situation the GOD has already arrived on earth but as he cannot take a human body he takes the mouth of great persons whom people believe that he can spread the knowledge of knowing ourselves. One Such Organization which is doing a great Job is Brahmakumaris. It is said that God has come to earth and God says “my sweet children just know about yourself (Who are You) And remember me and you will be filled with happiness,Purity,Love,Bliss.


  • Still there is a huge quest for the search of GOD , Some Say DOES GOD EXIST  In this Paragraph I Will Tell Where God Lives, he lives in Paramdham or (The Soul World) which is far away from this universe where there is pin drop silence. He is called Paramdham or the Supreme Soul he is our real father and we are all his children, the Supreme is not Big but in Quality If we a drop of Peace he is the ocean of peace, If we are a drop of Purity he is the Ocean of Purity, if we are a drop of Happiness he is the Ocean of Happiness. There can not a sudden Change In this universe but his knowledge is spread throughout different Medias once it is applied to every soul the world will change the Thinking pattern of the People will be changed  and thus a new World will be created, the environment will be green and every soul Will be charged by the knowledge.But this change will take time as God wants his children to do this work of spreading Love, Peace, Happiness, Purity. Once all the Souls realize that this is a material world and body is Just a matter or costume everybody will be soul conscious. But they have to settle all The Karmic Accounts done by them here and those souls which have cleared their accounts Will be taken by god to paramdham again where they stay in the vicinity of God. They are Then charged up fully by the original sanskars of Soul (Love, Peace, Purity, Happiness etc) and Again the souls come into cycle of World Drama i.e. Golden era or what we also call a paradise Is created in this world. Thus the cycles go on and on.Whenever a Disturbance is created in our Consciousness energy a FEELING is generated which is called EMOTION DEFINITION, but we need to understand what is called the Consciousness Energy it is the Soul which resides at the intersection of center Forehead and top of the head. So all the Emotions are created in the SOUL.In our Body there are about 75 trillion cells and whatever the emotions are created these cells are affected. So we have to be careful about what emotions that are generated which directly affects our cells and because of this so many diseases are created.

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