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what worrying does to you

Why Do I Always Worry , See The Best Results How To Deal With It

Why Do We Worry So Much

From Long Long years we have been under the Impression that we can’t live some of the facts and we always thought that it has become a part of our lives, one such thing is worry. Let’s Talk today about Why do we worry, Why Worries Are Killing Us.Worry is very simple as we all have Experienced it in daily in our lives, even a small boy is well known with this. It has become a habit to us since long we have been Worrying for small things because our parents have never told us that worrying is just killing ourselves every second and all the years we have been doing this has now become a habit and has been locked in the center of the Forehead and we can’t stop worrying (We have made a Stock of it).

Why Cant I Stop Worrying

As we get up in the morning we feel light, and as the day proceeds we start thinking what I have to do today in the office, Why is this person always thinking about me, Today I have to set a target and if i don’t achieve it then what ? and so on and the thoughts are created during the course of the day and some are the negative thoughts which keep on coming and then we keep on thinking about it and lot of our energy is wasted and then each day its become more and more stressful and tensed. It has become a part of our daily routine and surprisingly we have accepted this.



How To Deal With Worry is a Big Concern nowadays

To Cope Up With worry We have to stop thinking of past and future , Worrying doesn’t come in the present. These are some points which help us in worrying all the time.

  • Why I am worrying which has not happened now and which may not happen at all.
  • Worrying only kills me and does not help me in any regard.
  • Worrying Each second is wasting each second of a precious life.
  • Worrying Can Lead to Blood pressure and other Diseases





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